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The Ghost in Her by Anika Savoy: Book Review

Hello friends! Happy New Year, I hope you have had a good one. With the start of 2023, comes new releases in January, included is the book we are reviewing today, The Ghost in Her.

Award-winning author Anika Savoy is set to release her first installment in the Ungilded series on January 3. Released under Inkspell Publishing, this paranormal romance is full of magic, mystery, and Gothic horror, set in the backdrop of 1880s New York.

the ghost in her review

Rating: ????/5

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance

Ungilded: Book One

Rave Reviews for The Ghost in Her

The Ghost in Her begins with an introduction to Maggie O’Connor. Maggie is one in a generation of seers from Irish heritage. In adolescence, her mam warned Maggie to never reveal that she can see apparitions, faeries, and other supernatural creatures. She doesn’t want to see them but can’t help herself, as they are constantly presented themselves to her, and the fact that it runs in her blood doesn’t help either.

On a long walk home, her sister Nessa goes into labor, giving birth to a healthy baby boy. Nessa dies in childbirth, Maggie has nothing left to do but kiss her sister goodbye, take the baby, and flee as fast as she can. She runs into a handsome young man named Gershom, and when their eyes meet sparks fly. Maggie wants nothing more than to provide for the baby, leaving her with a neighbor so that she can get together the necessary items to take care of a newborn.

However, Mrs. Sullivan is an evil neighbor, giving the baby away to a nun to take to an orphanage without a word to Maggie. Maggie must work hard to escape her poor living conditions while looking for the missing child. Will the ghosts she’s become so fond of help over the hurdles she faces at every turn? You’ll have to read to find out.

Heart-Warming and Unique Story Line

This read was so much fun. After reading the synopsis, I didn’t know what to expect. Wonderstruck about how the story is approached. Ultimately anticipating the lore of the story from the first page.

With each pagination, the more engrossed you become, story-loving every moment of it. The writing style was adequate despite the use of literary devices. Which if not done right tends to hinder the flow of the writing. The Ghost in Her is absorbing. The words flow smoothly, making it easy to read.

A plus is that the story is fractured into 3 parts. Starting with The Girl in the Hole and wrapping up with The Liberation. Setting the story in each section. In part one there are moments that felt disjointed, almost as if I was skipping around. Leaving me wishing that totals 278 pages it almost could have added at least 10 pages to flesh out the story without a feeling of missing something.

On the whole, this is paranormal fantasy at its finest. I have to say that the romance was enchanting and evident from the pet name he gives her “Andromeda”. The mystery aspect was engaging, and the character development was quite good.

Ultimately, you want more by the end of the book. The Ghost in Her intends to have two more installments in the series.

This book releases on January 3, 2023. Grab it on Amazon or on Kindle

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